FCGC Juniors Latest News

Next practice is Sunday February 19 from 2-4pm.  The "commitment deadline" is also that day, but is not until after practice for a reason.  I want the kids to come out one more time, and then I will ask for you to commit to be on the team or not. Thereafter, practices will just be for team members.

What does it mean to commit?  It means that your kid wants to be part of the team and you and your child will commit to:

Abide by team rules;

  • Treat guns, facilities, teammates and coaches with respect at all times;
  • Attend not less than 6 assigned practices absent true excuse;
  • Make a good faith effort to raise at least $1,000 in corporate sponsorships for team (the more the merrier);
  • Participate in at least two kitchen fundraising activities; and
  • Trap/score and accompany teams during competitions.

As for competitions, we will have them along the way, but they are not mandatory, and we will not ask or expect anyone to compete who doesn't think they are ready (or their parents do not think they are ready).  That said, the youth shoots especially will have shooters from truly all skill levels and winning isn't the goal early on for these kids.  It's about building confidence at practice and learning HOW to compete.  The last thing we want to do is ask a kid to compete when they do not want to do it. 

That said, the main goal of the commitment is that it allows us to shape a budget, order uniforms and vests (which are custom made and take a good lead time) and make plans/schedule practices and coaches as coach participation is the backbone of this program. 




Forest City Gun Club Junior Shooting Team


Forest City Gun Club is proud to support the junior members of the club.  The Forest City Juniors program began in 2014, and shot in their first SCTP tournament only a few months later.

For 2016, after one full year and one partial year of organization, we have over 30 junior shooters from 5th grade to seniors.  The hard work and dedication of the coaches and the young shooters has already paid off.  Joseph Reyes is a two-time defending skeet junior varsity champion from the SCTP nationals, where the Forest City Juniors also placed 4th in skeet and 2nd in sporting clays.